Zaklad Paprocki – The Company has been established in 1985 in Święciechów. The founder of the chemical plant is it's current owner, Mr Paweł Paprocki. Through a number of investments in over 25 years they have become the leader in the adhesive and raw material production industry in Poland.

On account of the necessity to increase the quality and broaden the range of our products in 1998 as one of the few companies in Poland we have launched the production of vinyl acetate (the main component of previously produced adhesives). A new department was built with the capacity of 2,5 thousand tons per year. In 2008 the new company seat was established and new technological lines were built.

Currently, Zaklad Paprocki  is one of the largest producers of adhesives for the papermaking industry and water-borne dispersions used for example in the production of paints and adhesives. Producing water borne dispersions and vinyl acetate polymer produced in an emulsion polymerization process with co-monomers building up to different Tg and MFT. wpc

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