Lawter has a history of over more than 60 years. In the past belonging to AKZO resins and as a part of Momentive Specialty Chemicals. On February 1, 2011, Lawter became part of Harima Chemicals, Inc., a company strong in pine chemicals and built on products developed using pine chemical resources. Today, Lawter serves the graphic arts, adhesives, specialty coatings, aroma chemicals and the synthetic rubber industries.

Lawter is a global business operating in over 20 countries with 11 manufacturing and technology centres.

Lawter is the leading global supplier of quality raw materials to the graphic arts industry such as specialty and standard resins, vehicles, wax emulsions, additives and varnishes for sheetfed, offset, flexographic, gravure, lithographic, and inkjet printing.


To optimize the performance of your adhesives, Lawter offers a complete range of natural tackifier resins and tackifier dispersions. A major part of our raw materials are derived from renewable sources such as rosin tapped from pine trees and derived via the pulp making process for the paper industry.

Tackifier resins, ideal for hot melt adhesives and road marking applications, are light-coloured, stable and compatible with a wide range of polymers. The waterborne tackifier dispersions provide excellent stability and cohesive strength for a variety of pressure-sensitive and non-pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Rosin resin chemistry has made us a leading supplier to the thermoplastic road marking industry and water-borne coatings. We provide specialty resins to the ink jet market, primer coatings industry and other niche coating markets.                                       

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