Ciech / Z.Ch. "Organika-Sarzyna" S.A. – The Ciech Chemical Group is one of the leaders of the European chemical market. It comprises more than 30 companies and counts itself among the 50 largest business organisations in Poland.

The main products of the Group are: soda ash (the second largest producer in Europe) and epoxy & polyester resins, plant protection chemicals and fertilizers, as well as other chemical products which are used in glass, furniture, chemical, food, agriculture and construction industries.

Being a part of Ciech SA, the Organika Sarzyna Chemical Plants are the only producers of epoxy resins in Poland. Their capacity is estimated at 30 thousand tonnes per year, and the share in the domestic market is 30-40%. They are also a significant producer of unsaturated polyester resins with national market share of 20-30%.

Ciech offers BPA epoxy resins, BPF epoxy resins , solution epoxy resins, solid epoxy resins and BPA/PBF/reactive diluents for composites for grounding and self-levelling floors, solvent-free joints and saturants for laminates, composites for floor production, epoxy glues, chemical resistant putties, expansion joint binders and surfacers, anti-corrosion and chemical resistant epoxy varnishes, saturants for laminates in electro technology and electronics, binders on the basis of low-molecular epoxy resins and acid anhydrides for hot hardening and long life in ambient temperature - for electro technology.

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