BIP (Oldbury) Limited - since its creation in 1894, BIP has moved on to become a world leader in the supply of thermoset plastics and chemicals.

BIP is the first company to patent urea-formaldehyde resins during 1924, since which BIP has evolved into a technology innovator delivering class leading thermoset moulding materials, textile chemicals and paper chemicals.

BIP’s tradition of being first in emerging technologies continues currently with water-based polyurethanes, plastic blast media and biodiesel the environmental friendly fuel produced from recycled vegetable oils.

The Beetle® trademark is the quality benchmark for urea and melamine moulding compounds for thermoset moulders. Beetle® and Betafin® are indispensable to textile manufacturers with pre-treatment finishing resins, auxiliaries, wrinkle-free finishes, anti-shrink wool PAE resins and water-based polyurethane resins.

Beetle® is the market leader throughout Europe in performance resins for paper manufacturing and paper coating with amino wet strength resins, hot filter food contact methylated resins, neutral curing wet strength resins and paper coating resins.

BIP (Oldbury) Limited offer a range of solvent based polyurethane resins for the printing industry under the Surkopak® and Surkofilm® label.

Surkopak® plasticising polyurethane resins are intended for nitrocellulose based inks and coating systems. An extensive range of aromatic polyether based Surkopak® products is available in a choice of hardening and plasticising effects, which can be applied to both rigid and flexible substrates.

Surkofilm® polymers contain both polyether and polyester aliphatic and some aromatic high molecular weight structures. The product comprises a range of solvent based film forming urethanes which are used on a wide variety of substrates where demanding performance calls for high quality inks. Surkofilm® polymers have been formulated to low non-volatile content with special grades for vinyl substrates in combination with vinyl co-polymers.

In addition to solvent based film forming polymers, BIP manufactures a range of water based polyurethane dispersions under the Beetafin® trademark. Beetafin® polyurethane dispersions offer a water based alternative which enables the production of a compliant coating. All conventional Surkopak®, Surkofilm® and Beetafin® polymers are supplied as iso-cyanate free liquids.

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