Aqua Tools & LuminUltra: Aqua-tools is based in Paris, France and is LuminUltra's exclusive distributor for all European Union countries. They specialize in the sale of microbiological monitoring techniques and the development and service of microbiological control programs.

# LuminUltra began in 1995 to develop a revolutionary monitoring tool for biological wastewater treatment applications.

The idea was simple: deliver a superior means to measure, monitor and therefore control the engine driving these processes – the biomass. After years of research, validation, and field verification, the concept of 2nd Generation Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) measurement was launched commercially in the form of a new company, LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

#Since this initial launch in 2003 , LuminUltra has expanded their product line to include a variety of test kits that balance convenience and accuracy in ATP testing for all applications, as well as a suite of complementary equipment and software.

#The quantitative ATP measuring technology (QGA Kit) is developed for different end- uses such as; coatings, pigment pastas, ink and adhesives, slurries, water treatment, oild & gas, metal fluid and lubricants.

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