Since over 60 years Achitex Minerva S.p.A. is a primary player in the Chemical Industry.

60 years of continuous research and development, of modernization accordingly to the newest technologies, of new products, with attention to quality, safety, environment, made Achitex Minerva S.p.A. what it is today: an affordable partner of the major industries in over 60 Countries worldwide.

Our actual partners are the most important textile industries, building industries, paints and glass fibre. Commitment of Achitex Minerva Spa is to continue this strategy. Research, development, service, cooperation, quality and environment are the key factors for the competitiveness of the Industries we are serving.

For textiles we provide a complete range of products for all stages of the processing, of finishing of fabrics, from spinning, sizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing auxiliaries for the various classes of dyes and fibre’s, finishing Auxiliary for soft finishing, silicone finishing, with resins and paste ready to print.#
For coatings and building products Achitex developed a series of products for the protection of building materials for construction such as water repellent, water-oil repellent, chemical barrier, anti-graffiti, additives for cement and concrete and protection of wood.
The water-repellent properties are based on silane which guarantees excellent levels of penetration and long-lasting protection and effective “over time” of building materials for construction.

The silanes used in our formulations provide us very high UV stability and alkalis resistance as well as a total vapour permeability of the treated substrates.

The Nano-dispersion of photo catalytic titanium dioxide are used for self-cleaning surfaces.

Other markets are glass fibre, adhesives for paper and cones and several products for buildings and in particular for the protection of building materials for construction.


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